Do the reservations for the hotel include 2 tickets for the seminar with Doshu?

No, the hotel and the event with Doshu is a separate reservation, and a separate payment.

Can we come and look at the aikidoka while training? As spectator?

No, the training is only for aikidoka. Meanwhile you can watch/assist at the demonstrations at the Embukai spot

Should we bring our weapons for the seminar?

No, there will be no weapon-training.

Is the price for the whole seminar?

Yes, there are no daily tickets, only the full weekend.

Can I buy several tickets in my name and distribute them in my club? That will be much easier to pay.

Yes, the VisitBrussels platform that we use gives the possibility to do so. You can buy the tickets for a group of people and distribute them later in your club.

If I buy a Ticket now and I am not able to take part of the seminar because of illness or other good reason, do I get the money back and what reasons do you accept.

As we subcontracted the online sale of the tickets, we have unfortunately no possibility to refund.  We would however accept, in case you can’t come, that you sell your ticket to another practitioner (for instance, someone from your dojo).

I would like to know what is the minimum age for participation at the seminar.

To participate at the adult seminar is the minimum age 14 years. However, there are 2 sessions for children provided.

Is it possible to sleep on tatami?

Unfortunately it is not possible to stay and sleep on the tatami (the venue is an exposition hall not suited for it). Sorry about that. You will find hotel suggestions (with preferential rates) on our website.


Are there any meals provided during the day, e.g., breakfast or lunch. Do we need to order it in advance?

There will be several possibilities on site. You do not need to order it in advance at this point.

Can I subscribe al adult starter in Aikido (6th Kyu)? Is it recommended as a starter to participate at the seminar?

The seminar will be open for all aikidoka. The trainings will be adapted for all grades, from 6th Kyu to the highest black belts.

Where do I buy the ticket for my child?

The kidsticket will be sold at the entrance.



How many can sit at the table?

Between 10 and 12

Can we get an invoice for the Gala? (firm with VAT number)

We can give you a receipt with the full amount. We don’t mention the VAT.

Is the Gala included in the ticket?

The voucher that you go twill give you access to the entire seminar, so it is not for the Gala.

Is the gala evening and the farewell party included in the ticket or has it to be booked separately – and if, where can I do this?

Attendance to the Gala evening will require separate registration. It will be open for non-practitioners.

My husband will come with me, but he is not practicing Aikido. Can he take part in the gala evening?

Yes he can join the gala evening, if he buys a ticket too.